Submissions to the GSP Journal have been closed for 2018. If you would like to submit a piece for publication in 2019, follow the directions below!

By submitting a publishable and high quality written or visual piece, you will have the opportunity to 1. publish your own work on a University-affiliated journal and 2. receive 200 points worth of Extra Credit on Grade Craft! 


Directions: The GSP Journal is seeking a variety of academic essays, thought pieces, and photography that discuss critical global issues from a unique, or even personal, perspective.The work should be carefully crafted, with concise language, punctuation and grammar. The piece should utilize APA Documentation Style when using outside sources.To submit, please email with a .DOC, .DOCX, or Google Document version of the work. .PDF or other files will not be accepted. The subject line of your email should be in the following format: Last Name, First Initial- GSP Journal (Title/Type of Content).There are two ways to contribute to the journal:

  1. Academic Papers
    1. 750-2500 words (flexible)
    2. The essay offers an original claim that is well developed through analytical research and evidence.
    3. Examples: Research papers, independent study papers, etc.
  2. Thought Pieces
    1. 350-1500 words (flexible).
    2. This category offers an outlet for authors to discuss social justice issues in a more creative, informal way. While less formal than an academic essay, the thought piece should still offer thorough, original insight on a social justice issue
    3. Examples: reflective blog posts, argumentative op-eds, poetry, photo essays, music performances/compositions, visual art pieces, etc.
  3. Photography
    1. Original photographs are welcomed. These images can also be accompanied by a short reflection that discusses the inspiration behind the photographs, their significance, and their relationship to social justice issues.

All submissions will be evaluated by the GSP Journal Committee. After initial evaluation, authors of selected works might be contacted for further editing prior to publication.Please direct any emails relating to the process, policies, and publishing timeline of the Global Scholars Program Journal to

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