The Global Scholars Program Journal is a collection of high-quality academic papers and thought pieces authored by current and previous GSP students. This is a great opportunity to showcase your work and get published in a University-affiliated journal!

Two ways to contribute to the journal:

  1. Academic Papers
    1. Length: 750-2500 Words (flexible)
    2. Examples: Research Papers, Independent Study Papers, Theses, etc.
  2. Thought Pieces
    1. Length: 350-1500 words (flexible)
    2. Examples: Reflective Blog Posts, Argumentative Op Eds, Poetry, Photo Essays, Policy Memos, Music performances or compositions, Visual art pieces, etc.


We are looking for high quality and critically minded works to publish in our journal. In accordance with the mission of the Global Scholars Program, all submissions must relate to global social justice issues. Submissions do not necessarily need to be in an English language format.

Email with a .DOC, .DOCX, or Google Document version of your work. Please do not submit .PDF or other files. The subject line of your email should be in the following format: Last Name, First Initial–GSP Journal (Type of Content/Title)

All submissions will be evaluated by the GSP Journal Editorial Board. After initial evaluation, authors of selected works might be contacted for further editing prior to publication.

Please direct any emails relating to the process, policies, and publishing timeline of the Global Scholars Program Journal to


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