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The Global Scholars Program Journal is a collection of academic papers co-authored by students who have participated in our program. These papers are the written component of the students’ Global Engagement Internship (GEI), a collaborative project that began as an ungraded, voluntary participation requirement in the Global Scholars Program (GSP). In the 2014-15 academic year, the GEI became an integral part of GSP’s courses for first-year participants.

Students joining the Global Scholars Program now enroll in a course during each semester of their first year (Fall Semester – ALA210: Defining Critical Global Issues; Winter Semester – ALA210: Addressing Critical Global Issues) in which they learn to critically assess urgent issues affecting our world and to take action in pursuit of global justice. As a part of these courses they are required to meet weekly in Collaborative Groups with approximately 10 of their peers. Because our community is strikingly diverse – with members whose backgrounds reflect citizenship in 20 different countries and proficiency in 40 different languages – GSP students establish strong cross-cultural relationships and explore global issues from multiple cultural perspectives.

The GEI is now the capstone project for this course sequence, completed in Collaborative Groups. It is an intensive scholarly undertaking involving a year-long research inquiry, as well as designing tools and implementing strategies to create meaningful change. Each year, GSP students explore many urgent, intersecting issues, including gender inequity, human trafficking, environmental sustainability, global healthcare, economic development, and the rights and well-being of immigrants and refugees. Some Collaborative Groups partner with an interested organization whose mission strongly relates to GSP’s pursuit of global justice. In these cases, partnering organizations identify a year-long project that supports their existing work to become a group’s GEI focus.

This effort culminates in a symposium presentation and a group-authored publication in The Global Scholars Program Journal. Published articles are also deposited into the University of Michigan’s Deep Blue digital archive.

Mission Statement: “The GSP Journal is a platform for GSP students to give their perspectives on social justice issues that they are passionate about. The Journal aims to amplify atypical voices in our community, whether that be international students, transfer students, or otherwise non-traditional students.” — Written by the GSP Journal 2018-2019 Editorial Board

Our Editors




Hi! My name is Mercy Kiambuthi. I am a senior majoring in Neuroscience with a minor in International Studies. I joined the GSP journal to learn more about what it takes to make a journal. I’m excited to learn from the GSP community! A fun fact about myself is I do not know how to ride a bike. I know, it’s sad.







Hi! My name is Gabe Linderman and my pronouns are he/his/him. I’m a senior studying Political Science with minors in Women’s Studies and the Environment. I’m a second year GSP student that works on The GSP Journal! I joined GSP last year as a transfer student looking for a supportive community where I could immerse myself in new and different cultures. I was looking for a place to get pushe

d out of my comfort zone! I decided to work on the GSP Journal because I think it’s a great platform for GSP students to express their opinions and share their experiences, both with the GSP community and the whole University. Outside of GSP and academics, you can almost always find me outdoors rock climbing!


Hello! I’m Vartika Parashar and am currently a junior studying Neuroscience with a minor in Gender and Health Studies. I am also a second year GSP member, and am a Special Project Lead working on the GSP Journal. Though I am a pre-med student, I am currently exploring other interests as possible future careers, namely in the field of women’s rights and empowerment. I joined GSP because I was interested in joining a space where I could learn about social justice and social issues among like-minded people and form a community, diverse in both identities and thought! I am very excited to be part of the GSP Journal and help make it a medium through which GSP students can initiate dialogues based on social issues important to them and the GSP community. Fun fact: I have probably watched The Office over 30 times (all 9 seasons!) and love to spend my free time hiking, reading, writing, watching vines and spending it with friends!




Hi! My name is YeonSong Ko. I am an exchange student from Seoul, South Korea and a sophomore majoring in Political Science. As a first year GSP student, I joined the GSP Journal to explore various perspectives regarding global issues and looking forward to writing about them! I hope I can shape and have a grasp of my genuine identity by expressing the thoughts in words. By the way, I once majored in violin so I love to talk about classic music but I love hip hop as well!






Hi! My name is Jiyoon Lee (feel free to call me Jean). I am an exchange student from Seoul, South Korea and a junior studying Design and Business in double major. Since I came to U-M to broaden my perspective and learn how to embrace all the diversities around me, GSP Journal was a valuable opportunity to share great ideas from all around the world. I’d also love to talk about paintings and Rock/Classical musics!!!




Hi my name is Vivian Li and my pronouns are she/her/hers. I’m a sophomore studying Political Science and English and a first-year GSPer. I join the Journal to gain insights on the editing process and peer’s perspective on social justice. Currently researching on war and military occupation, I’m also passionate about literature by women writers that reveal their ideologies within certain cultural context. I hope GSP Journal is a comfortable space for express a genuine “me” through words. Fun fact: I can’t ride a bike, I want to ride a Bird, and my dream job is being a criminal profiler but it’s impossible now.