The Plight of India’s Disabled Population

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The Plight of India’s Disabled Population
By Kevin Chien, Sarah Hyland, Kazuki Iino, Sean Smith, Stone Stewart, Jazmine Wells, David Williamson, Mustafa Ozkan Yerebakan, Shudi Zheng


This paper explores the societal issues that lead to lack of inclusion for India’s disabled population. The paper begins by analyzing how those with disabilities are depicted in the media and how this shapes public perceptions of India’s disabled population. Specifically, we examine how this impedes upon their efforts to enter the workforce. The paper goes on to highlight the differences between those with disabilities living in urban areas and those living in rural areas. Those living in rural areas have a higher unemployment rate than those living in urban areas. (Mitra, S & Sambamoorthi, U). The distance between rural and urban areas make some jobs more accessible than others. Accessibility influences whether or not certain routine barriers faced by person with disabilities can be overcome. We analyze this issue further by examining employment opportunities for disabled persons. We provide statistics to give the reader insight into India’s population working and living with disabilities. Furthermore, we discuss how unequal wealth distribution compounds the problems faced by those living with disabilities and how they are disproportionately affected by this. Lastly we explore the lack of opportunity extended to those with disabilities who wish to pursue an education. Media representation, location, employment and education opportunity (or lack thereof) all have a compound effect on those living with disabilities in India. This is a reality that affects sixty million people living in India. This paper brings awareness to the oppression and plight of India’s disabled population and analyzes how various factors complicate their ability to pursue their livelihoods.


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