Factors that Contribute to the Cycle of Prostitution in India

2015-2016 CG4
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Factors that Contribute to the Cycle of Prostitution in India
By L. Mansour, N. Amini, G. Lee, E. Melk, A. Schumacher, E. Thibeau, M. Vosters, A. Zhang


This research aims to understand why women in India enter the sex trafficking industry and the reasons behind their staying in the profession. For the purpose of this research, the focus has been centered on three main factors that we have found to be crucial to the issue: culture, poverty, and lack of education. In order to tackle these three factors and understand the role they play within sex trafficking in India, the research has been divided into two main parts for each factor: one presents a literature review of the research that has already been done regarding the reasons behind women’s involvement with sex trafficking in India, and the other analyzes what has been found in terms of the reasons that women end up staying in the industry. We have been able to use direct interviews with Indian women discussing their experiences in the profession, especially in terms or their inability to provide for their families or to find other ways of obtaining sufficient income, thereby leaving them with no other option but to pursue the sex industry as a career. Some women discuss being coerced and forced into the profession, while other experiences tell of voluntarily choosing this path. We have also found quantitative research that uses statistics discussing the gender wage gap in urban areas. We have also tried looking at governmental involvement or lack thereof regarding prostitution in India. This research is important because, as we have concluded, there have been various limitations and gaps that need to be filled, and it is therefore essential to bring more awareness to sex trafficking in India.

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