Effectiveness of NGOs – Public Advocacy Campaigns and Lack of Political Reform

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Effectiveness of NGOs – Public Advocacy Campaigns and Lack of Political Reform
By Irfanul Alam, Tiffany Chau, Desiree Chew, Corinne Hauck, Anay Katyal, Elly Ngoh, Regan Richards, Brigitte Smith, Teck Sheng Tan


Non-governmental organizations (or NGOs) that have focused on prison reform, immigration, human trafficking, and political expression sectors have a strong ability to raise public awareness, but a weak ability to enact substantial political reform. In the context of migrant worker issues, NGO activities are widespread and well-coordinated. Although they are working to end any unlawful practices followed by big corporations, they tend to hit the glass ceiling when trying to enact real political reorganization. NGOs have taken an active role in combating human trafficking through advocacy and provision of resources for its victims. Their advocacy efforts in providing information, raising public awareness, and instating pressures pay off by influencing governmental policy regarding those affected. In spite of all such efforts, meaningful change in the realm of human rights violations are still left to be desired. This paper explores the different areas of human rights violations and emphasizes the importance of the research done on the work by NGOs. This paper also aims to raise awareness of the effectiveness of campaigns organized by such agencies and talks about additional strategies to strengthen future advocacy attempts.


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