Global Partnership for Environmental Development Collaborative

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Global Partnership for Environmental Development Collaborative
By Jennifer Bourlier, Michael Dembicki, Matheus Ferreira Venancio de Araujo, Paige Frederick, Padraig Hanratty, Tsukumo Niwa, Jose Perez, Clarisza Runtung, Cameron Seeley, Eugene Stayt


While the United Nations has made global partnership a priority through the eight Millenium Development Goals, the reliance on oil by many countries has hindered things. The United Nations has failed to appropriately tackle it as countries often worry about themselves. The World Commission on Environment and Development was a noble, yet lackluster effort in 1987 to get the world to use less natural resources while also promoting partnership (El-Ashry 1). Fears of falling of taking a short-term economic loss however led many countries to back out of their pledge. The United Nations also dedicated a whole year to sustainability but powerful countries such as China and the United States continue to worry about their gains or losses in the oil market in a constant struggle for supremacy (El-Ashry 2). Through the use of a website and a survey, our group aims to inform people of the importance of the environment as it pertains to global partnership. For the action part of our project, we created a website and a survey, the purpose of which is to educate others on the problem at hand and to get them to think and take action. We have also provided them with ways to contact their local congressman in order to help spark change. While the action does seem small, in the technological era we live in, it has the potential to reach and influence many. We assume that many do not know or care about global partnership and have little interest in the environment. However, after looking at the information that our website provides and seeing the issues at hand participants in the survey have gained interest in the topic and understand the concept of global partnership when it comes to environment better than they had before.


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