Defining Poverty in a Global Context

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Defining Poverty in a Global Context
By Daniel Agudelo, Christopher Anderson, Stephanie Galczyk, Jasmine Jones, Ruby Kirby, Yang Lu, Sushmita Mukherjee, Eberechi Ogbuaku, Seonyoung Park, Jingwen Xu, Jackie Zhang


The goal of our research action project was to raise awareness about poverty in order to spur students into action in their local communities. In order to understand the impacts of poverty, we gained knowledge of the complex process of measuring poverty. There are many ways to define and measure poverty and a knowledge of these different approaches provides a more flexible mindset when evaluating poverty. With this background knowledge, an informative video was created and distributed through social media (mainly YouTube and Facebook) to work towards the goal of raising awareness within the campus community. Although the content was designed for local community members, it covers the topics on a global and local scale. We have the local community members ask questions about poverty (its measurement and presence in the locality), thereby actively engaging the viewers. We organized an online forum in the living learning community, the Global Scholars Program (GSP), that opened up a discussion on college students’ current understanding of and thoughts on the measurement and trends in poverty. The results from the forum posts are an excellent representation of the reactions of GSP members, containing reflective thoughts regarding the issues of poverty in our local and global community. These responses were used to identify the impact and result of this intervention by seeing what community members gained from the video.


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