Women in the Media

Click on image or title to read full text.
Click on image or title to read full text.
Women in the Media
By Caroline Tenorio Mendes de Aquino, Mena Hermiz, Shani Campbell, Stephen Krygier, Yuefan (Iris) Shao, Yutong (Sophie) Chen, Nicholas Felicidario,


Whether it is examined in a television show, movie, news article, news report, or even within a simple picture, the epitome of sexism directed towards women is truly prevalent within daily forms of media. Sadly enough, the objectification of women has become a dominant narrative that has gained the power to decimate the female persona and to marginalize those who identify as women. Daily, the average human is bombarded with advertisements that range from Burger King commercials to images of slaughtered women used by the fashion industry as a form of marketing for their new lines of apparel. While this begs the question as to why this is appealing to the masses, it more importantly asks us what impacts these mediums have on women and what the consequences are. Throughout our paper, we explore, navigate, and argue that sexual objectification within the media could be detrimental to women in the real world through a different lens. As part of our research, we use various scholarly resources providing examples about the effects of negative media portrayals, as well as data collected through a video that we created showcasing current examples of sexual objectification in the media, and a survey asking our peers’ own opinions and perceptions of images of women in the media.


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