Obesity and Nutrition Curriculum in the U.S.

I noticed a trend in fast food restaurants nowadays - they just keep adding crap in the burger, then selling it for 2x it's regular price saying it's something new. So I figured I'd beat them to the punch this time; I ordered onion rings, nuggets, a bacon double stack and went to town. Oh, and I asked for a side of spicy mayo which I mixed with some ketchup and mayo, as the 'new special sauce'.
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Obesity and Nutrition Curriculum in the U.S.
by Tanvi Gangal Christopher Bonkowski Spencer Gold Garrett Kessler Emmanuel Nyangweso Athena Zhu Catherine Bernard


Our group’s research action project focuses on an increasingly widespread issue: obesity. Obesity is directly related to the increased cost in healthcare due to correlated health issues of type II diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. After some initial research, we discovered how obesity is related to a multitude of other issues. Our objective for the project is, through an action component, to find a way to buck current trends and lower obesity rates. Once we settled on this topic, we would go on to create a literature review, which included defining obesity, determining how environments affect obesity, and analyzing school programs designed to increase physical activities, which gave us optimism that school programs like the ones our group looked at can help lower obesity rates. To help combat obesity, our group’s action component consisted of creating a comprehensive school nutrition curriculum to increase exposure to nutrition concepts and other related health topics between the grade levels of Kindergarten and 12th grade. Throughout the program, students should gain a fundamental understanding of what food is, understand what kinds of foods are healthy and unhealthy, establish nutritional literacy, learn how to create proper portions, and learn principles of nutrition and bodily mechanics, leading to a continued future of healthy eating habits. If implemented, every student would possess the knowledge required to lead a healthy life and be able to teach others as well. Hopefully, other programs will be able to build off of our curriculum, increasing the effort to combat obesity.


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