Correlations between Demographic Factors Affecting Museum Attendance and Educational Experiences

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Correlations Between Demographic Factors affecting Museum Attendance and Educational Experiences
by Madhav Achar, Anna Benson, Brenda Chiang, Emmanuel Gansallo, Jeremy Jones, Huyen Nguyen, Adam Watkins


This study hypothesizes that more privileged identities such as white, high socioeconomic status, living in urban/suburban environments, and high parental education levels, would have higher museum attendance. Race, socioeconomic status, type of living environment, and level of parental education were compared to museum attendance. Five articles were used in this study to further understand the relationship between the demographics in the attendance of museums and higher education. Overall, there was a positive trend with museum and educational experiences. This study uses the method of surveys using the site Qualtrics. Results were analyzed with chi-square tests using SPSS software to determine statistical significance with a 5% significance level. The hypotheses were both supported and refuted. The results showed that there was no statistical correlation between race and museum attendance with a significance level of 10.9% and that high parental level of education compared to student museum attendance was also statistically insignificant with a value of 8.5%. However, the hypothesis was supported in that the parent income and student museum attendance was positively correlated with a significance level of 4.6%. Moreover, the students were asked to rank high schools based on the level of college preparation the school provided and the average value was 7.59 (well prepared). There were many limitations to this study such as clear biases, small sample size (n=51), and an in a comprehensive survey. Further research should be conducted with one-on-one interviews, analyzing visitation patterns at museums, or collaborating with University of Michigan faculty who conduct research on museum attendance.


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