Immigration and Education

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Click on image or title to read full text.
Immigration and Education
By Hannah Balge, Karen Coker, Patricia Diaz, Phuc Nguyen, Hehui Quan, Alan Seto, Vishnu Venugopal, Arnold Yin


Barriers exist in accessibility to higher education for immigrant youth in America. We sought to understand these barriers and the effectiveness of Bronx International High School, a school specifically for immigrant youth, in countering them. To accomplish this, we conducted a debriefing session with a group of University of Michigan (UM) students who volunteered at the high school over their spring break. We also facilitated a dialogue about privilege in education access. This discussion revealed the many advantages our group of UM students had in accessing a University of Michigan education compared to many immigrant youth. We discussed what Bronx International High School does well and what they could improve on in countering these disadvantages, we realized that there are both social and academic needs of immigrant youth that need to be met. We concluded that the system Bronx International High School has in place does well in meeting the social needs but their students would benefit from greater academic challenges.


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